Never Prick To Test Again (NPTTA)

Our goal is to help bring the realization of the dream of every Glucose challenged person on Earth.

The dream of a non invasive Glucose measurement device is the dream. Here at NPTTA.COM we are helping bring you closer to the realization of that dream.

With the creation and introduction of HELO LX by Wor(l)d, the world of Glucose testing is one step closer to that dream. With the worlds first truly non invasive Glucose monitor HELO LX you can supplement your glucose management regiment. The HELO LX updates and improves automatically as advancements are released by Wor(l)d.

There is no need to buy a new unit as these advancements are released because the HELO LX will automatically update as new algorithms and processes are released by the development teams at Wor(l)d.

With a 100% money back guarantee, automatic updates as advancements are released and the most complete all-in-one biometric wearable technology available the HELO LX is the clear choice for you.



Now that you have been introduced to the HELO LX and learned about all the amazing benefits it has to offer you, your friends and your loved ones and are ready to buy it now... be sure to go to the "SPONSORS" page and click on the person who introduced it to you. Here at we value loyalty, so be sure to buy from your sponsors storefront who shared the amazing HELO LX and all of Wor(l)d's products with you. If you found on your own, not to worry, just click "Buy it Now" and order your HELO LX and any other Wor(l)d products directly from NPTTA.


It is the opinion of, based on market trends and technological advancements that:

Algorithms for Glucose, Blood Alcohol and Blood Oxygen are set to auto update to your HELO LX 4Q 2017 or sooner as patent process is completed.